There is something that only
Ampleforth can offer.

Yes, like all good schools there is excellent
leadership, academic provision,
facilities, and so on, many of the things
which parents rightly value.

But at Ampleforth, the heart of
the educational experience is not a classroom
or the latest technological
wizardry, but the monastic community itself
and the Abbey church, the life of prayer
which is shared with all our staff and students,
and in which they all play their part.
A key work of the Ampleforth family
of monks and the lay leaders and staff in our
schools is education not just in teaching
individual subjects and skills, but in helping
those in our schools to be good students, good
citizens and good people.

In this age of having quick answers
ready for any question, Ampleforth is providing
a Benedictine Catholic education for life, one
that begins in a place where each
student will experience a sense of belonging
before they can define it.